Practical Arduino training workshop Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is this training about?
A: This training is a basic course on Arduino for people with electronics background. Its objectives are:

  • To be able to appreciate and apply the essential capabilities of the Aduino
  • To be able to execute a project using Arduino in an actual application

If you are an intermediate or advance user, this training may not be for you. See the coverage below:

  • Arduino Introduction
  • Development process and setup
  • Review: Arduino “language” essentials
  • GPIO’s
  • Driving large DC loads
  • Driving AC loads
  • External Interrupts
  • PWM Peripheral
  • ADC Peripheral
  • UART / Serial Port
  • Program Structuring for projects
  • HC-12 RF Transceiver
  • I2C Bus
  • Alphanuemric LCD with I2C interface
  • Servo Motor Control
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Demostration of GSM monitoring & control
  • Demostration of two-wheeled robot control

Q: Whom is the training for?
A: The training is for:

  • People with electronics background wanting to start on Arduino or are just starting out on Arduino
  • People who have already done a number of projects but feel they lack the overall foundation to execute projects from scratch
    If you feel this is not for you, worry not, we will be having more trainings on different topics and levels this year.

Q: When and Where?
A: The training workshop will be held from 8:30am to 1:00pm on February 10 2019 at room B312 Lopez bldg “B”, Session rd., Baguio City.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Layad Circuits shall charge a minimal fee of Php996.00. However, participants are required to provide for the Training Kit. The kit may also be bought from the store at a discounted rate of Php804 exclusive for participants only.

Q: What are the contents of the Training Kit.
A: The basic Training Kit shall contain as follows. Note that this is NOT the same as commercially available “Arduino Kits”. The contents have been selected to match the training requirements leaving out unncessary parts. Every participant must have at least have the following parts:
1x Arduino Uno SMD
1x USB cable
1x 830-Point Breadboard
10x Male-Male Connecting Wires
4x Male-Female Connecting Wires
1x 16×2 LCD with I2C backack
1x 5mm LED
3x 330ohm resistor
1x Traffic Light / 3-LED module
1x Breadboard compatible potentiometer
1x LM35 temperature sensor
1x LDR
1x 10K resistor
2x 6×6 tact switch
1x Active Buzzer

Q: There are other parts to be used in the traning, who will provide them?
A: Layad Circuits shall loan the other required components within the duration of the training. However, should a participant want their own, they may purchase or provide for the following:
1x DC motor or DC fan with 200mA or less and accepts 5V
1x mini Solenoid lock
1x Saleng Tracker
1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
1x HC-12 RF Tranceiver Module
1x Two wheel robot kit with controller and power
1x Saleng GSM Shield (for demo only)
1x Relay module
1x AC load (for demo only)

Q: Where and how do we reserve a seat?
A: Drop by our Physical Store at B314 Lopez Bldg. B, Baguio City to deposit your fee and register. Those who are not currently in Baguio but are interested may also contact us for bank or online payments.

Q: Are walk-ins allowed?
A: The training requires preparation of materials and other activities and hence, only advance registration will be accepted.

Q: Why limit seats?
A: For optimum trainor-trainee ratio, only a few seats will be offered

Need more information? Talk to us: 0916-442-8565, , or visit us at B314 Lopez Bldg B, Session Rd., Baguio City

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