Kimat One Wire Keypad module


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The Kimat One Wire Keypad module instantly simplifies
the implementation of a 4×4 or 3×4 keypad matrix. It
uses just one analog pin as opposed to 7 or 8 pins
without this module. It utilizes an array or resistors
carefully chosen to allow unique voltage output for
each keypress. It is then read by the
microcontroller/Arduino ADC (analog) pins for

Usage is very simple:

NOTE: As of this writing, newer updates to the library may cause issues with this module. As a simpler alternative, you may use the following code that does not require a library. This code processes the raw data from the analog pin, categorized it and display the corresponding key pressed. The values inside keypress() should be checked if it works for your particular devices (Arduino and Keypad).

The code is also downloadable from our github repository here.

Demo Video:


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