5″ Seven Segment Module


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This is a large seven segment module with a character height of 5 inches, red color, and is common-anode.


Application Notes:

Keep the current in each segment within that specified by the datasheet. Each LED has a maximum forward current of 20mA and it is best not to exceed this. Reading through the datasheet, the typical Vf for each LED is at 1.8V.  Calculating the total forward voltage based on this Vf and the internal circuit, we find that segments A-G should be at 1.8×7 = 12.6V while the decimal point should be somewhere at 1.8×3=5.4V. In  actual tests, a 6mA current through each segment appears good enough for a satisfactory display. Most microcontrollers would not be able to drive the main segments that a driver circuit is required.