Infrared Through Beam Sensor Pair

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This pair hasthe the Kimat IR Rx (aka “Flame Sensor”) and the Kimat IR Tx boards… When powered with their respective IR elements aligned at a maximum distance of around 30cm, this pair can detect any obstacle that cuts the infrared beam. The IR Rx immediately changes its DO pin state.

To operate, apply power to the Kimat Tx’s IN and GND pins by either connecting them permanently to a 5V power source or from a microcontroller’s GPIO. Beware though that the Tx board draws ~22mA when turned on at 5V. An AVR based Arduino such as Uno, Mega, or Nano will have no problem with this. Arm based controllers will need a transistor or will have to be permanently connected to a power source.

Recommended Power: use 3.3V with at least 40mA current rating for both Tx and Rx boards.


  • counting objects
  • speed sensor / tachometer
  • crude color sensing
  • proximity / limit sensing