Kimat 4 Channel Voltage Sensor

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The Kimat – Voltage Sensor module is a 4 channel voltage divider network for sensing of voltages from 0V24V (for 5V controllers) via ADC. This simple circuit aims to facilitate quick and hassle-free implementation of direct reading of voltages over the I/O voltage limit of ADC’s by scaling the input voltages with resistors without soldering.


Measuring any Voltage, AC or DC,  from 0-24V of up to 4 channels is simple. V0~V3 connects to the voltage under test. The voltages must have a common ground with the host ADC so 4 GND pins are provided for that. The following diagram shows the module used with an Arduino/Saleng Uno:

The results may be viewed from the Serial Monitor with baud rate set to 9600. Or for a visual representation of those voltages, use the Serial Plotter and have a simple 4-channel oscilloscope-like device.


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