Kimat Bluetooth Adaptor


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The Kimat Bluetooth Adaptor assists in safely interfacing an HC-05 bluetooth module to a 5V Arduino. While the HC-05 may accept 5V power, it’s data lines, RX and TX, are operating at 3.3V logic while the most common of Arduino boards such as Uno, Nano and Mega operate at 5V logic. The usual solution is to use a simple voltage divider circuit at the RX pin of the HC-05. This simple approach works but may not be as simple to implement considering additional components on a breadboard or added soldering and PCB space and the time spent to work on it. A quick anc cheap solution would be using the Kimat Bluetooth Adaptor which implements the voltage divider circuit plus a by pass capacitor. The adaptor hasĀ  a female header (JP1) that fit most HC-05 modules available in the market. Some HC-05 boards may have an alternate arrangement of pins and hence the adaptor has an unpopulated JP2 header for this purpose. The adaptor also allows the HC-05 to be installed vertically.

After connecting the HC-05 module on JP1, the pins at JP3 may b directly connected to the pins of the 5V microcontroller/Arduino.


  • Accepts most HC-05 modules
  • Standard 2.54mm header pins
  • 6-pin Female input header
  • 6-pin Male output header