Kimat LED Bar

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The Kimat – LED bar module is originally designed as a
quick I/O state tester. However, the present design also
works as a general purpose display using an 8-segment
LED bar for applications such as battery level indication,
equalizer display or perhaps as a sensor level indicator.
Unique to this module are the input headers. The
headers are arranged for quick connection to any of
your Arduino headers with just one or no wire at all.
There is also an onboard 8-channel DIP switch that
allows the user to enable/disable each LED segment.
This may be useful in cases where not all adjacent pins
are intended to be used with the LED segments (e.g.
some pin are an inputs).

 8 channel LED display using an 8 segment LED module
 Individual enable/disable switch for each channel
 Arduino-compatible pin headers. Requires none or just 1 wire to connect to an Arduino. Installs like a “shield”  Compatible with 5 or 3.3V circuits
 Low power. ~5mA per channel @ 5V. ~3.3mA @3.3V.

 General Purpose LED display
 GPIO State Tester
 Battery Level Indicator
 Signal Level Indicator
 Sensor reading Indicator
 Equalizer / VU meter

The onboard DIP switch

The onboard low profile DIP switch allows the user to
individually enable or disable the LED channels. When in
the ON position, the corresponding LED shall light on or
off according to the logic level of the corresponding
input header. The switch may be turned OFF if the
particular GPIO attached to the input header is desired
not to be used with the LED bar. In this case, simply use
the female header at the top side to connect whatever
circuit you need on that pin. This is useful when
adjacent pins have different functions such as when
some pins are outputs and some are inputs.


User’s Guide

Demo: GPIO Test + PWM Test