Kimat N-MOSFET Module

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This module is a general purpose N-Channel , MOSFET circuit for  high current switching. The input signal is suited for most 3.3V or 5V microcontrollers. A very low RDS of just 22mΩ and a wide VDSS of up to 55V allows this module to switch loads up to 47A. Of course, you would need some thermal management methods such as heat sink or fan if you plan to use close to that current. We would recommend thought that this be used for up to 20A of load without modification.

The module comes with a LED indicator at the input signal and standard 5.08mm terminal blocks for the power and load side.

Applications include the switching of the following load:

  • LED strips and High Power LEDs and LED COBs
  • High current DC motors (power window/wiper motors, DC fans, etc.)
  • Solenoids (locks, valves, push-pull,etc..)
  • EM Locks

The price point also makes this module ideal for smaller loads including:

  • Mini – Pumps and Fans
  • Short LED strips
  • Small DC motors
  • Large Seven Segments


MOSFET Datasheet

Example Wiring/Code with a 12V Solenoid Lock: