Kimat Seven Segment Module

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The Kimat – 7-Segment module is a single 7-segment display and driver board integrated into a narrow 14x50mm PCB. This module allows the host microcontroller/microprocessor to control the on board 0.56” seven segment display using 3 or 4 digital pins. These module have serial input and output headers that are strategically positioned to facilitate cascaded connection and allow control of more than one module using the same data and power pins. The 7-segment is driven by an onboard 8-bit shift register.

The 7-Segment module is part of Layad Circuits’ Kimat series of rapid prototyping products.

Demo Project:

Cascade five Kimat Seven Segment modules, the left most module is the where you connect to the Arduino:

IN = Arduino/Saleng Uno pin 7

CLK = Arduino/Saleng Uno pin 6

LAT = Arduino/Saleng Uno pin 5

CLR = Arduino/Saleng Uno pin 4

VCC = Arduino/Saleng Uno 5V pin

GND = Arduino/Saleng Uno GND pin


Video Demo:


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