Kimat Traffic Lights / 3-LED Module

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The 3 LED module is small compact module that
integrates 3 LED’s with the necessary resistors and
breadboard/Arduino friendly pin headers.

While a basic LED indicator is a very simple circuit, it is sometimes troublesome to implement as it requires either a small PCB, a breadboard or direct wiring of an LED, a resistor and its connectors. This module is a cheap and quick solution to instantly create an indicator for any 3V ot 5V controller.

The traffic light is a classic exercise project in learning microcontrollers. In its basic form, it is formed with some wires, 3 LEDs and matching current limiting resistors and build unto a breadboard or PCB. While it may not be difficult to build, the time and resources spend may sometimes be enough reason to look for off the shelve solutions.

There are 2 color variants, the red-green-blue for general purpose tri-color notification and the red-green-yellow . The classic traffic lights exercise may be implemented using the module with yellow instead of blue LED. Request for the correct variant as you order.

BASIC USAGE: A blink application with a Saleng Uno/Arduino

If you are using the module with an Arduino, you may also use pins 11,12, 13 and the adjacent GND pin so that you do not have to use connecting wires.


CA/CC = Common Ground Pin.
R,G,B Pins for the red, green and blue(or yellow) LEDs.


User’s Guide