Power Expander Breakout


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Simple problems may surprisingly have not-so-simple solutions. Such is the case when you run out of 5V and/or GND header pins in your Arduino application. It could be frustrating to be stopped midway of a project to solve this simple problem. The usual solution would be either:

  • Purchase a breadboard then connect the 5V/GND of the Arduino to the breadboard using wires.
  • Etch a custom PCB that adds additional headers for the power lines
  • Solder together a set of connecting wires
  • Purchase a “Sensor Shield”

The other solution is the Power Expander Breakout. It is a small board that breaks out each of the 5V and GND lines to 8-pin female headers providing a quick and cost effective method adding power connection points. Inserting the board into the power header of the Arduino instantly provides 8 additional 5V and another 8 GND pins.

The Power Expander Breadkout is part of Layad Circuits’ Kimat series of rapid prototyping products.