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The Saleng – Tracker module is a compact reflective infrared sensor module designed for detecting the presence or absence of an IR reflective surface  (e.g. light or dark line) in front of its optical elements. The module uses the TCRT5000 IR pair while its output is fed to a Schmitt triggered gate producing reliable digital output. It has a Digital Output pin labeled DO and another with an inverted output signal labeled ~DO. DO is high when a reflective surface (e.g. white surface) comes within range and thereby reflecting back the emitter’s IR beam back to the IR receiver on the board. DO is low when no reflective surface (e.g. dark surface) is detected. ~DO’s output is the inverse of DO. The absence of a sensitivity/calibration adjustment potentiometer makes this module easy to use with its digital outputs optimized for dark/light line detection in robotic applications. An Analog Output pin named AO is also available and is tied to the output of the photo diode. This may be useful for distance or obstacle sensing. The tracker module is part of Layad Circuits’ Saleng series of innovation-starter products.


  • Detector Type: Phototransistor
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V – 5V
  • Typical Current Consumption: <40mA
  • Peak Current (Vin=5V): 80mA
  • Digital Output Effective Distance Range: ~10mm
  • Analog Output Effective Distance Range: ~100mm
  • Emitter Wavelength: 950nm
  • Daylight Blocking Filter
  • Digital Output with Inverted Output
  • Analog Output
  • Small form factor, board dimensions: 15x38mm


  • Line Following / Line Follower / Line Tracing Robot
  • Limit Sensor
  • Object Counter
  • Speed Meter / Tachometer
  • General Obstacle sensing
  • Distance Sensing


  • Q: How do we interface the Saleng Tracker to an Arduino or other Microcontroller? A: Simply read as one bit digital input. In the Arduino, call digitalRead(). Of course, you would need to declare the pin as an INPUT using pinMode(pin,INPUT);
  • Q: Is this compatible with 3.3V microcontrollers like Arduino Due/Zero or Raspberry Pi? A: Yes
  • Q: Can I use the Saleng Tracker as a general purpose proximity sensor? A: Yes, provided the object being detected does not have a “dark” color. The Saleng Tracker transmits infrared which bounces off light colored objects allowing the  sensor to “sense” the object.
  • Q: Can I therefore use this as a crude distance sensor? A: Yes, although not linear, the output voltage at pin AO varies with the distance of the IR reflective object in front of the sensor.  You could measure up to 10cm depending on the environment.
  • Q: There are 3 outputs, DO, AO and ~DO (DO’), which one can be used? A: Use either one of those outputs. You would normally wireup only 3 pins: one of the output pins, Vcc and Gnd.
  • Q: Do I need to debounce the signal? A: No. The sensor has an internal Schmitt trigger circuit to do just that.
  • Q: Is the ~DO (DO’) a separate signal? A: No. It is the output of an inverter with an input tied to DO. When DO is HIGH, ~DO (DO’)  is LOW and vice versa. This is useful in quickly swapping logic between a “reflective” and “non-reflective” object. This is also very helpful when using the sensro without a microcontroller as you may select the correct trigger signal between DO and ~DO (DO’) .





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