Arduino Project Enclosure

The Layad Circuits LC-088 is a transparent, acrylic based plastic enclosure designed for Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and other boards in the “R3” form factor.

The base board has mounting holes that will fit the Arduino via plastic hex standoffs. Additional mounting holes with optional standoffs are available for a 16×2 LCD module.

External enclosure dimensions are : 164x104x56 mm  or 16.4×10.4×5.6 cm  or 4.46″ x 4.09″ x 2.20″ The enclosure exposes the DC power and USB ports of the Arduino allowing the user to power and program the Arduino without disassembly. The plastic material makes customizations or modifications relatively easy and is ideal for wireless communications. As a project box, the user may include all other electronics such as sensors, modules, switches, components, wiring and other items inside the box.


  • Made of high quality, durable, transparent acrylic plastic panels
  • Outer Dimensions: 164x104x56 mm
  • Inner Dimensions: 152x92x50 mm
  • Mounting holes for Arduino (Uno, Mega, Leonardo, etc)
  • Mounting holes for 16×2 LCD module
  • Cutout for Arduino DC power and USB ports
  • Customizable, Easy to Modify
  • All-plastic materials including spacers, screws and nuts – ideal for wireless applications


The Arduino Project Enclosure M kit constist of the following:

Acrylic panels that form the 6 sides of the enclosure6
Long (approx.50mm ) Hex standoffs4
Short (approx.5-8mm) Hex standoffs4
Plastic screws8
Plastic hex nuts8
OPTIONAL for LCD mounting:
Short (approx.5-8mm) Hex standoffs
OPTIONAL for LCD mounting:
Plastic screws
OPTIONAL for LCD mounting:
Plastic hex nuts