DC jack breakout v2


The LC-079 DC Breakout Board is a simple module that allows you to connect and use a DC power supply with a standard 5.5mm DC plug in a breadboard without splicing or complicated wiring. The board has a positive and negative terminal each connected to a 4-pin headers that securely fits into the positive and negative rail of a standard breadboard. In case the power source does not have connectors, the wires may be directly connected to the board using the optional terminal block.

There are additional 4-pin header slots for the positive and negative terminals where the user may install extra pin headers in either the top or bottom side of the PCB. The module accepts continuous voltages between 3V and 12V and surges up to with a current of up to 1A. The module has a built-in power LED indicator.


  • 5.5mm DC Jack input
  • Optional screw terminal block input
  • Standard 0.1” headers
  • Breadboard and universal PCB compatible
  • Supply Voltage: 3V – 12V
  • Maximum Current: 1A
  • Power indicator LED, < 15mA consumption
  • Small form factor, board dimensions: 13x40mm
  • Color coded pin headers


Pin Header LabelsPin Function / Description
+Positive terminal. Connects to the center pin (tip) of the DC jack, the (+) terminal of the terminal block and the positive pin headers
Negative terminal. Connects to the outer pin (sleeve) of the DC jack, the (-) terminal of the terminal block and the negative pin headers


The board may be installed directly into the power rail slots of any standard breadboard or used as a DC jack to terminal block interface as shown in the examples below