Kimat 4CH Voltage Sensor

The Kimat – Voltage Sensor module is a 4 channel voltage divider network for sensing of voltages from 0V24V (for 5V controllers) via ADC. This simple circuit aims to facilitate quick and hassle-free implementation of direct reading of voltages over the I/O voltage limit of ADC’s by scaling the input voltages with resistors without soldering. The Kimat – Voltage Sensor is part of Layad Circuits’ Kimat series of rapid prototyping products.

 4 channel voltage divider network
 Measure up to 24V per channel for 5V
 Compact form factor , board dimensions:
 Standard 2.54mm pitch headers.
 Less than 4.5mA maximum current

Input Header
Connect the voltages under test using this header. Pin Label

Pin LabelFunction/Operation/Remarks
V0,V1,V2,V3Pins for the voltages under test. Each
channel may measure up to 24V for 5V
ADC inputs. For 3.3V devices, limit to 17V.
GNDGround pin. Each channel has a GND pin

Output Header
This header connects to the ADC inputs of the host

Pin LabelFunction/Operation/Remarks
A0,A1,A2,A3Scaled down voltage from the input
voltage. The voltage at this pin is equivalent
to 0.19028 x the input voltage.
GNDGround pin. Connect to MCU ground

The Kimat-Voltage Sensor module is nothing more than 4 voltage divider networks with input and output headers. Any input voltage is scaled down by a factor of 47/247 to facilitate safe measurement of voltages. The module was created for use with the ADC of microcontrollers. While the circuit may be simple, implementing up to four channels may be time consuming. Hence, this module was created for the quick implementation of up to 4 voltage sensing channels for ADC’s.