Kimat Arduino ISP Shield

The Kimat Arduino ISP shield enables programming via the ICSP/ISP port of AVR based microcontroller boards such as Arduino and our Saleng Uno, Mini and Tiny family. This shield, together with an Arduino Uno, is used to build an Arduino IDE supported ISP programmer. This programmer maybe used to upload the bootloader of an Arduino or any AVR-based board. It may also be used to upload sketches without using the bootloader and serial port. Layad Circuits. Saleng Tiny and Saleng Mini boards may also be programmed using this programmer.


• Arduino IDE supported ISP programmer

• Support for 3.3V or 5V microcontrollers

• Complete Arduino ISP LEDs: Heartbeat, Error, and Mode LEDs

• DIP-8 socket for onboard programming of ATTINY85 and similar chips

• On board test LED for DIP-8 chips

• Low Power, <50mA with all LEDs on

Follow the recommended steps below. The “target
board” containing the chip to be programmed should
already be in the list under Tools>Boards. Otherwise,
install it using the Board Manager of the Arduino IDE.

  1. Connect the target board to the completed ISP programmer using the header labeled “PROG PORT”. See the PIN FUNCTIONS section for detailed connection. ATtiny85 and pincompatible chips in 8pin DIP package can use the onboard IC socket for convenient programming.
  2. Tools>Port and make sure the COM port of the Arduino Uno is selected
  3. Tools>Board and then select the name of the target board.
  4. Tools>Burn Bootloader then wait until programming is done.