Kimat LDR Analog

The Kimat – LDR module is a simplified light sensor module with analog output voltage. It uses a light dependent resistor as sensing element. A user adjustable potentiometer is provided for sensitivity adjustment and possibly for simulation of a digital output. The module includes a power indicator LED and breadboard- friendly pin headers. The Kimat – LDR is part of Layad Circuits’ Kimat series of rapid prototyping products.

 Light sensing with LDR
 Sensitivity Adjustment
 3.3V or 5V compatible
 Breadboard-friendly 2.54mm pin headers
 Power indicator LED
 Compact form factor. Board dimensions: 24x16mm.

Pin Label Function/Operation/Remarks VCC Power supply pin for the module. Works
with 3.3V or 5V host controllers VO Analog output pin. Voltage at this pin changes with light intensity. GND Ground pin.

The Kimat-LDR module converts light falling on its light sensitive element into a voltage that varies somewhere between ground and Vcc. This is meant to be hooked up to an ADC input of a microcontroller or a dedicated ADC circuit. The output is uncalibrated and non-linear, hence testing with actual lighting conditions is recommended. This humble module has several applications. It may be used as an ambient light sensor or when coupled with directional light source such as lasers, may be used as beam-cut sensor for object/people detection or even as a speed meter.

The Kimat – LDR follows a straightforward connection with an Arduino. Connect the Vcc and Gnd to 5V and Gnd pins of the Arduino respectively. The output VO maybe connected to any analog input pin.