LC-063 External WDT v2

The LC-063 / Kimat External Watchdog Timer (EXT WDT) v2.0 module provides a reliable external signal to allow most microcontroller (MCU) boards including Arduino boards to reset whenever a software or hardware malfunction halts the microcontroller. This module simplifies external WDT implementation by providing the necessary hardware in a small package with standard 2.54mm headers. While some microcontrollers already feature an internal watchdog timer, this module is 100% independent of the operation of the target microcontroller being monitored ensuring that the safety circuit operates regardless of internal microcontroller issues. Having an external WDT solution also eliminates all the issues related to the implementation of an internal watchdog timer.

HIGH and LOW. This signal comes from any available GPIO from the target microcontroller. The signal is then used by the module to determine if the target is working normally. Whenever the strobe signal does not change state within the selected WDT timeout period, the target’s reset pin is pulled low causing a hard reset on the target and promoting immediate recovery.

The module has a built-in LED (DET) that blinks every time the strobe signal, coming from the target, changes state between HIGH and LOW. The module features a selectable WDT timeout via the onboard micro jumpers.

It also has a physical button that may be used to manually trigger a reset on the target. A digital control pin labeled EN is also provided to allow the target microcontroller to temporarily disable the WDT function of the module should there be a need


  • No external components required
  • Minimum of one output from the target
  • 11 user – selectable watchdog timeout periods
  • Enable/Disable via EN pin
  • 3.3V/5V operating voltage
  • Current consumption of less than 100mA
  • On board target reset button
  • Strobe signal detection LED indicator
  • Arduino compatible, Standard 2.54mm headers