Saleng 128DB

The Saleng 128DB is an Arduino compatible board based on the new generation AVR128DB microcontroller under the modern AVR® family. The CPU runs at a maximum of 24MHz. It has a flash memory size of 128KB, 16KB SRAM, 512B EEPROM and 32B User row.

The microcontroller features four 16-bit timers plus a 12-bit timer, 3 hardware serial ports (UART), 12-bit ADCs or Analog pins, a DAC capable pin, internal zero cross detectors and op-amps, configurable custom logic and several other improvements from the “classic” chips such as those used in the Arduino Uno/Nano and Mega. The Board comes with a total of 21 GPIO’s on board with standard 2.54mm-pitched pin headers. 9 of the 21 pins may be used as analog input pins (ADC) with one DAC pin. 9 may be used for simultaneous PWM and all but two GPIOs are external interrupt capable.

Programming may be done via the onboard micro-USB pin. Advance users may also access the exposed UPDI programming pin at the pin headers. The board comes with the usual reset button and the Arduino-Built-In-LED on pin D7. The Saleng 128DB has a selectable operating voltage of 5V or 3.3V via the on-board micro jumper. Another jumper is included to allow user selection of the Multi-Voltage I/O operating voltage (VDDIO2) between 5V or 3.3V which may act as built-in level-shifters.


  • AVR128DB28 Microcontroller
  • Modern AVR architecture
  • CPU Clock Frequency of up to 24MHz
  • 16KB of SRAM Size
  • 128KB of Flash Size
  • 512 Bytes of EEPROM Memory
  • Total of 21 GPIO pins
  • 11 pins are capable of generating PWM signals
  • 9 Analog Pins with 12bit ADC
  • Mixed operating voltage of 3.3- and 5-volts via the MVIOs
  • Compatible with the Arduino IDE
  • Alternate UART and I2C Interface
  • Small form factor of 25mmx50mm PCB size
  • Power indicator LED, “L” LED
  • Affordable price