Saleng ACS712

The Saleng – ACS712 module is a hall-effect current sensor with a linear analog output voltage within common ADC voltage ranges. It is based on the popular ACS712 current sensor chip. It comes with the basic components needed for a single channel AC/DC current sensing, plus a larger sized terminal block rated to handle the maximum current of the module. The module includes a power indicator LED and 2.54mm standard pitched pin header for the host controller. The Saleng – ACS712 is part of Layad Circuits’ Saleng series of innovation starter products.

 Hall-Effect current sensor
 5V operation
 Linear analog voltage output proportional to
current under test5A,20, and 30A versions
 Sensitivity @ Temp=25C:
o 5A version: 180~190mV/Ampere
o 20A version: 96~104mV/Ampere
o 30A version: 63~69mV/Ampere
 Easy to interface and implement in software
 2.54mm pin headers
 7.62mm Terminal block for sense side
 Power indicator LED
 Compact form factor. Board dimensions: 35x17mm.

Unlike voltage, current sensing is surprisingly not as simple. It involves special resistor shunts, current transformers, magneto-resistors and other methods. The popularity of the ACS712 chip comes from its ease of use: simply connect the device in series with the load and you get an output voltage linearly proportional to the current being measured. That makes it compatible with almost any microcontroller with an ADC, internal or external. The Saleng-ACS712 combines the basic circuit required by the sensor IC and combines that in a small 35x17mm PCB together with 2.54mm pin headers for the microcontroller side and a properly rated terminal block at the current sense side.