Saleng BYOA

The Saleng Build-Your-Own-Arduino (BYOA) is a complete, Open Source Hardware, locally made kit to build your own Arduino Uno. The kit includes the microcontroller ATmega328P-PU which comes pre-installed with the same bootloader used in the Arduino Uno. It also follows the Arduino Uno pin assignments and is hence programmed using the same Arduino IDE. Also included is a prefabricated PCB and all the other components required to complete the board. The schematic and example PCB layout has been provided should the user decide to selffabricate the PCB. This kit requires the user to solder the components. All components have been selected as leaded through-hole devices to facilitate ease of soldering. Programming the completed board will require a separate Serial-USB converter module or another Arduino Uno/Nano/Mega board to serve as programmer.

The circuit revolves around the ATmega328P-PU microcontroller, the same IC used in the Arduino Uno. The whole design was implemented in the included PCB following the schematic. For optimum cost, the circuit does not include a Serial-to-USB converter for programming, rather, an external converter (or Arduino) can be used. See the Programming section for details.

Saleng B.Y.O.A. (Built Your Own Arduino) Kit
User Guide
The circuit is powered by the 7805 (U2) 5V regulator IC preceded by the reverse polarity protection diode D1. The red LED1 indicates if the 5V power is present. Y1 and the 22pF capacitors C3 and C4 form the 16MHz oscillator clock source of the microcontroller. The reset pin of the ATmega328P-PU is active low, hence, R1 is included to pull this line to Vcc during normal operations. Pressing the tactile button S1 will cause the reset line to go low and thereby resetting the microcontroller. C6 is included to allow auto-reset via the DTR of the programmer/converter. LED2 is connected to pin D13 following the design of the Arduino Uno. When using D13, consider the effect of the LED in designing the external circuit.