Saleng GSM Shield

The Saleng GSM shield adds SMS, GPRS and data call capabilities to your Saleng Uno or Arduino projects. The board greatly simplifies implementation with its Arduino “shield” form factor and integrated supporting circuits. All that is required is an Arduino or any microcontroller with a UART, the Saleng GSM shield and 5-12Vdc/2A source of power. No complicated wiring.

This shield is a culmination of several years of experience working with GSM modules, in particular, the SIMxxx series. The shield is powered by the popular SIM800L GSM module and comes with the necessary power circuit, logic level conversion and SIM card slot. It also comes with an integrated helical spring antenna. There are mini jumpers onboard for other hardware options. The shield is compatible with any microcontroller or computer with a Serial Port (UART). The serial port, audio in and out, and other signal lines from the SIM800L are exposed via pin headers on the top layer. With an Arduino however, connection is even faster with the stackable pin headers. The Arduino UNO, Mega, Leonardo, Zero and other boards and clones of the same form factor are compatible with the shield connectors. There are also pads that allows a user to quickly connect an Arduino Nano on the top of the board.


  • Powered by SIM800L GSM module.
  • detachable/ replaceable core SIM800L
  • Onboard 3A LDO and Level Shifter circuit
  • Arduino Shield form factor with Arduino Nano pin header slots
  • Wide external input voltage: 5V ~ 12V
  • Onboard DC Jack with slots for Terminal Block option
  • Integrated antenna and micro SIM card slot
  • Jumper selection for power source, UART pins and Power Enable method
  •  RI and TXD LED indicators
  • Recommended Power Supply Current = 2A for heavy communications. May be lower current for simpler applications