Saleng Uno

The Saleng – Uno microcontroller board is an Arduinocompatible board based on the 8-bit ATmega328P microcontroller. The microcontroller has a RISC architecture and runs at the maximum clock speed of 16MHz. It has 32KB of flash memory for code space and 2KB SRAM with an additional 1KB of general purpose EEPROM. There are a total of 20 GPIO’s on board with an additional 2 analog inputs, all broken out into standard 2.54mm-pitched pin headers. Its design is nearly identical to the Arduino Uno R3 but with several enhancements. It is compatible with the Arduino Software / IDE and should work with almost any application, hardware or program/sketch meant for the Arduino Uno. This means all the standard features of the Arduino Uno are implemented on the Saleng Uno, only that the Saleng Uno offers more features. The Saleng Uno board is part of Layad Circuits’ Saleng series of innovation-starter products.