GSM Shield SIM900 based

GSM module SIM800L EVB with external antenna

GSM module SIM800 + PCB Antenna

GSM module SIM800L EVB with external antenna

GSM GPS SIM808 with GPS antenna and GSM antenna

Bluetooth Module HC-05 with adaptor 

GPS Module internal antenna Vkel

GPS Module Ext ant G-mouse

ESP8266 Wifi Module ESP12

HC-12 RF Tranceiver Modules (purchase in even number)

RF315/433 Cheap RF Module Pair (Tx and Rx) XD RF XLC RF

Infrared IR Receiver Module Wireless Remote Control Kit For Arduino

 IC2272 315MHz 4 Channel Wireless RF Remote Control

TEA5767 FM Radio Module World Channel module/ AR1010

Ethernet Shield w5100

Ethernet Module ENC28J60

Ethernet Shield ENC28J60

UART to RS485 Converter Module

NRF24L01+PA+LNA wireless modules 1100meters (with antenna)

SIM808 Module/SHIELD GSM GPRS GPS Development Board IPX SMA with GPS Antenna