1. Where are you located?

Our Physical Store and Office is based in Baguio City.

See our specific location here.

2. What are your Operating Hours?

Our physical store operates Mondays to Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays, Holidays and as announced.

Our online stores however, operate 24/7.

3. What are the Products and Services that you offer?

We are a manufacturer and fabricator, system integrator and supplier of embedded systems products & services with focus on the sectors of STEM, Electronics and Software Engineering Education, Hobby/Maker market, and Industrial Automation.

Our specific products may be viewed here and our services here.

4. How do we contact you?

You may reach us via our usual communications channel or visit our physical store.

5. Do you sell online?

Yes! You may order via our stores in Shopee and Lazada or directly order at our FB page here.

6. How do I order directly via facebook?

a) Prepare the list of your items you want to purchase
b) Contact us via SMS, FB, E-mail, or Phone call to confirm availability and pricing
c) Once you have the total amount due, pay this in any of the following:
BDO (preferred)
Metro Bank (pls ask if available)
G-Cash (preferred)
d) Once paid, send us the picture of the machine validated pay slip or the screen shot of online payment
e) We will confirm the payment and prepare your items for shipment
f) Once shipped we will send you the tracking number
g) Simply wait and receive your package


  • there is no COD option when purchasing via FB
  • there are no quantity restrictions when purchasing in FB

7. What are the payment options?

We accept any of the following:

  • G-cash
  • Maya
  • Bank Transfer (BDO, PNB, Metrobank)
  • Paypal
  • any 3rd party service that could deposit into our accounts
  • Cash via our physical store

8. What are your shipping options?

Direct FB orders may be shipped nationwide via J&T Express.
At the moment we are unable to ship via Bus/Van and other couriers.

9. How long does shipping and delivery take?

While we do not control the operations and personnel of the courier, historical data will show that it takes on average around 1-4 days within main land Luzon and 3-8 days elsewhere.

10. Is it possible to reserve parts?

In general, we implement a first purchase first served basis to allow equal oppurtunity for everyone to avail of our products. However, you may pay remotely for your order and then request for a pickup time later on.

11. What are the differences between your Physical and Online stores?

Our online stores in 3rd party platforms such as Shopee and Lazada are organized separate from our Physical store and FB direct store. Those in 3rd party platforms enjoy the convinience of those platforms however, our physical and FB stores are able to customize your orders and without quantity restrictions. Prices will be different between these two given their differences in their operations.

12. What are your service rates?

We offer several services related to STEM, electronics, and software engineering education including some industrial and hobby grade services. As such, there is no single formula for these. However, as a general rule, two factors largely affect service rates – the complexity of the service required and the time you will allot for this.

13. What are the student and hobby services that you offer:

Here are the top rendered services for students and hobbyist:

  • Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototyping
  • Custom Electronic Modules
  • PCB fabrication (manually etched, universal PCB or milled PCB)
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Electronic Project Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Custom Electronics Enclosure
  • 3D design and 3D printing
  • 2D design and Laser Cutting
  • Material Milling and Routing
  • Rare product importation service
  • Consultations, Trainings and Seminars

14. What are the professional services that you offer:

We offer the following professional services:

  • End-to-End low-volume electronic product manufacture
  • Custom Electronics Design and Implementation
  • EDA Circuit and PCB design
  • Automated Data Gathering
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Custom Machine Design and Fabrication
  • Electronic Signs
  • Engineering Consultancy