1x Arduino Uno (DIP, less 100 for SMD) 1x Mobile Robot Shield 3x IR line sensor 1x Ultrasonic Sensor 1x 2WD Chassis 1x 20pcs Female-Female connector 1x Battery Set (2x LiIon + Holder + single charger) KUKU 3x set of hex stand off (standoff+screw+nut) with link to correct wiring diagram with link to line tracing code with link to obstacle avoidance robot ————————————— Arduino Uno R3 SMD, Low Capacity Batteries = P1,810 Arduino Uno R3 SMD, Medium Capacity Batteries = P1,885 Saleng Uno/Arduino DIP, Low Capacity Batteries = P1,910 Saleng Uno/Arduino DIP, Medium Capacity Batteries = P1,985

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