8 Channel Saleng Tracker


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The 8 Channel Saleng Tracker Module is an array of 8 infrared sensors designed for line or simple color sensing and general purpose proximity sensing. An on board RISC processor takes care of all sensor processing and therefore lessens software load on the main host. There are two concurrent interface ports: a serial (UART) and parallel output ports, one for each sensor element. The module uses infrared elements that come with built-in sunlight filter providing improved performance in sunlit areas than traditional photodiodes.

• Onboard RISC processor
• UART and Parallel interface
• Individual LED indicator per sensor element
• Reversible logic for parallel port and LED indicators
• Adjustable sensor threshold
• Multiple output modes using the UART interface
• On chip power saving feature resulting to <200mA consumption. Typical consumption with all LED on ~ 150mA. • Standard headers
• Power indicator
• Designed primarily for Arduino users


  • Line Tracing / Line Follower Robot / Sumobot/Battle Bot
  • Proximity Sensing
  • Crude Color Sensing


Pin Label Function/Operation/Remarks
VIN +5Vdc. This is the power source for the module
GND Ground pin.
RXD Receive pin of the serial/UART port – connects to the transmit pin of the host microcontroller (Arduino etc..)
TXD Transmit pin of the serial/UART port – connects to the receive pin of the host microcontroller (Arduino etc..)
I0 – I7 Parallel port pins. By default, white(reflective) surfaces will result to a HIGH and dark or non reflective surfaces will result to a LOW on each of these pins corresponding the sensor
All others Do not use



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