Multirole 2WD Robot Kit


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The Multirole 2WD Robot Kit can be configured and programmed as either a line tracing/line follower, a sumobot, or an obstacle avoidance robot among other applications. This robot is based on the Saleng/Arduino Uno as its microcontroller but is also compatible with the Arduino Mega. Basic example programs are also available as a working template.


  • General purpose kit for line tracing/follower, sumobot, obstacle avoidance among others
  •  Simplified wiring
  •  Minimal soldering
  •  3x line sensors with non-inverted and inverted signals plus analog output
  •  Less heating
  • Example programs available



1x Choice of Arduino Uno R3 board
1x USB cable
1x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
2x Li Ion 18650 Batteries
1x 2S 18650 Battery Holder with DC plug
1x Single 18650 Battery Charger
13x Male-Female Connecting Wires
1x Acrylic Robot Base
1x Set of attachments/screws
1x 3rd Wheel
2x DC Motor with Gear Box
2x Plastic Wheels
3x Line Tracing Sensors
1x Mobot Driver Shield
1x set of extra wires

Suggested Wiring:

Code for basic robot movements:

Line Tracing/Line Follower Base Code:

Obstacle Avoidance Robot base Code:
Video Demo:

Sumobot Example /Reference Code:

Product Page of Mobot Driver Shield:

Users’ Guide of Mobot Driver Shield:

Datasheet of Motor Driver Chip:

User guide of IR line tracker sensor:

Video demo of Bluetooth Controlled car