Project Prototyping

This is a special service we offer specific for the consultation, design, fabrication and programming of one-off projects for professional, hobby or educational purposes. For whatever use it may be, our team of professional and industry-experienced engineers and specialist, guarantees delivery of your requirements, wherever you may be.

The major scope of this service are as follows:

A. Concept Development – Projects begin with consultations with our professional engineer(s) to come up with project titles or concepts that are feasible and within the requirements of the client. A well planned concept is afterall, the foundation of a successful project.

B. Parts Selection – We shall generate a list of parts that are within practical limitations such as technical compatibility, availability, pricing, ease-of-use, device features and the like. Our team shall verify the feasibility of such components.

C. Circuit Design – Our well experienced electronics design engineer(s) shall develop the schematic diagram that conforms to the requirements of the client and of the software engineering team thereby ensuring a cohesive hardware-software system right from the design stage.

D. Software Development – Our industry-trained software specialists shall perform all programming tasks including verification of required resources such as external libraries/software modules or tools. The programs are written to automatically adjust to the skill level of the client. Client may either avail of the service with source codes provided or without the source codes (built object codes only or pre-installed software).

E. Circuit Board Assembly – Optionally, clients may have their circuit boards assembled by our team. For projects with sensitive or complicated wiring, we will request that this service be availed. Otherwise, if the assembly is deemed simple or if client is capable, this service may be skipped. Talk to us if you need this specific service.

F. Mechanical Fabrication – Our team may also handle the mechanical aspect of the project. This is optional and is available for certain projects. The client(s) may also opt to perform this task on their own.

G. Technical Support – All of our project prototyping services come with on-development and after-sales technical support to ensure project success. Consult with us for specific coverage of this service.

Why Choose Layad Circuits?

Real Engineers – We have a professional engineering team with a dynamic mix of industry-trained engineers and software specialists with years of formal experience in embedded systems, electronics, software and mechatronics engineering.

The LC Guarantee – A worry-free experience for our clients is a top priority. Once an agreement is made, clients can treat projects completed within the agreed period. Even in the rare cases of misinterpretation of specifications, these are still immediately corrected with our after-sales support.

Lowest Charges – Compared to other companies offering similar services, our team offers the most competitive and flexible service charges

Professional Engineering Services – Unlike freelancers who offer similar services, our team commits to every agreement made with our clients. With the business name on the line, the team shall find ways to accomplish commitments no matter the cost to us.

Engage our services with confidence – We have your back! Your goal with the project becomes our shared responsibility. With this mentality, every project is treated as our own personal projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you finish a project?
It depends on your requirements. Some simple projects may be completed within the same day if the requirements. A basic project may be done in 7-21 days while a typical full blown educational-grade project can be done in 21-60 days. Other projects involving long term testing or complicated programming requirements may require more than this.

Will you finish the project on time?
Yes! we will commit to a reasonable time and agreed specifications and once committed, we will have to deliver even if at our own cost.

Can changes be made even after the project is completed?
Of course! talk to us so we can provide you an assessment. What is more is that, reasonable and simple changes that meets our criteria may be done for free!

Are there warranties for your service?
Yes, our services come with automatic after-sales warranty. Not just that, we also offer technical support after completion of the project. This ensures that the project is completed according to your requirements.

We are geographically far from your location, can we avail of your services?
Yes! We have clients all over the Philippines from all walks of life. Some of our projects are being used (and sold) in other countries. The internet and modern communication technologies enables us to reach out far and wide wherever our services are needed.

What are your expertise? What kind of projects can you build?
All projects involving embedded systems, electronics, software, and mechatronics engineering are within our coverage. These includes applciations or projects in:

  • General Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Complete product design and fabrication
  • Robotics and Mechanical Automation
  • Internet-of-Things (IOT)
  • Industrial and Home Automation
  • Physical Access Controllers and Building Security
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Educational and Hobby Boards
  • Data Gathering and Processing including AI and advanced software
  • Software or Electronic subsystems
  • And several others

How much?

We have the most competitive service charges. We strive to deliver the best service quality-cost ratio. Specific projects widely vary in pricing depending on 2 major factors: complexity of the requirements and time given by our clients.

Can you “just do the programming” or “just the hardware”?
In general, projects are mainly composed of the hardware and software sections. For a project to succeed, these two need to be designed and implemented properly right from the start. In most cases, in order to ensure seamless integration of both sections, we must handle both hardware and software. However, for portions or subsystems with clear and definite specification or testing criteria, a partial work on a susbsystem may be considered. Talk to us for an assessment.

Payment Options?
Aside from cash, we have several remote/online payment options. For banks, these may be over the counter, via online banking or through ATM machines. Online wallets and Payment services are also included. Other channels that offer depositing into any of our local bank accounts may also used (e.g. Palawan-to-BDO or LBC-to-BDO or overseas wire transfers):

  • PNB
  • BDO
  • BPI
  • Metrobank
  • PayMaya
  • G-Cash
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer (USD/GBP accounts)

For a productive pre-consultation, ensure that you are ready with the specific details of your project. If you are a group, consultation with all or majority of the group members is recommended. If you have files that define your project, send them to us for easier assessment. If you have a reference project , you may also send us the details.

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