• Demo of the Saleng-ACS712 (5A) (3/24/2018) by CD Malecdan

    A simple test code for the Saleng-ACS712 module. Connect the terminal blocks of the Saleng ACS712 in series with the circuit you want to test. Simply upload and open the serial monitor with a baud rate of 9600. Connects are as follows:


    The complete code may be downloaded from our github page.

    See the Saleng-ACS712 user guide here.

  • NEW: 2-in-1 Line Follower and Obstacle Avoidance robot Kit (3/15/2018) by CD Malecdan

    Kit Contents:

    1x Arduino Uno
    1x Mobile Robot Shield
    3x IR line sensor
    1x Ultrasonic Sensor
    1x 2WD Chassis
    1x 20pcs Female-Female connector
    1x Battery Set (2x LiIon + Holder + single charger)