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Commonly requested resources: KIMAT MOBOT SHIELD & SALENG TRACKER

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This is a collection of links to resources and tutorials on mobile robot using our Kimat Mobot Shield and Saleng Tracker. This is an ongoing compilation with more links to…

SUMOBOT example number 1

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OVERIVEW: A simple demonstration code for a sumobot made with the following hardware: – 1x Saleng Uno (or arduino) – 1x Kimat Mobot Shield – 2x Saleng Tracker – 1x…

Android Controlled Outlet over Bluetooth

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Interfacing an Arduino to an Android device has become increasingly easy in the Arduino environment with the wide spread availability of bluetooth modules like the HC-05. Remote control applications has…

Door/Window Intrusion Alarm with SMS notification

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This is a very simple Arduino-based intrusion alarm with SMS notification. A reed switch type door or window sensor is used to detect intrusion and a SIM800L core module is…

Interfacing the SIM800L core module

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Although cheaper than an Arduino shield, interfacing the SIM800L core module is not as straight forward for a few reasons: 1) The module requires a not so common voltage source…

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